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Fix: Flashlight Not Working on Samsung Galaxy Phones | 8 Ways

Is your Samsung phone’s flashlight not working? Are you looking for ways to fix it? Then this guide is for you. In this guide, we will show you eight easy ways to fix flashlight not working on Samsung Galaxy phones (Android 12).

If your Android’s flashlight isn’t working, don’t worry; there’s a good chance it’s not a hardware issue. The majority of the time, this is the result of a software problem. A variety of software issues can cause such problems. However, there is no single software conflict that is preventing the flashlight from working. As a result, no single solution to this problem exists. But don’t worry, I’ve listed eight possible fixes for your Samsung flashlight below.

Fix 1. Restart your Samsung Phone

You should try different solutions to figure out why your flashlight is not working on your Samsung phone. Restarting your phone is a common solution that works for most problems. A reboot will resolve the issue if an application is interfering with the flashlight.

To restart your phone, swipe down from the top of the screen twice, and tap the power icon in the top right.

Tap on the Power button
Tap on the Power button

Next, tap on the “Power off” button to turn off your Samsung phone. Wait for some seconds and turn it on again.

Power off your Samsung phone
Power off

Fix 2. Close Recent Apps

If one of the background apps is using your phone’s camera, the flashlight stops working on an Android device. In such cases, your Samsung phone will display the message, “Can’t turn on the torch because the light is being used by another app.”

Error using flashlight because the light is being used by another app
Error using flashlight

To resolve this, you must close all recent apps on your phone. To do so, open the app switcher by tapping the “Recents” button, then swipe upwards on apps to close them.

Close other apps
Close apps

Fix 3. Clear App Data for Camera App

If the flashlight isn’t working while taking pictures or recording videos, resetting the camera app data may help. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to the Samsung phone’s “Settings” and select “Apps.”
Go to Apps settings
  • Here, find “Camera” from the list of apps and select it.
Select Camera
  • Next, click on “Storage.”
Tap Storage
  • Finally, select “Clear data” at the bottom of the screen. This will reset your camera app, which may also resolve the flashlight not working issue.
Clear App Data for Camera App
Clear Data

Fix 4. Charge Your Phone

When your phone’s battery runs low, the power-saving feature of One UI kicks in automatically. When this occurs, the flashlight and other features are turned off on your Samsung phone. If you want to use the flashlight again, you’ll need to plug your phone in first.

Fix 5. Reset the App’s Preferences

It’s also possible that you changed the app preferences incorrectly, causing the flashlight to stop working. App preferences include things like app permissions, disabled apps, and default apps, among other things. Here’s how to clear your app preferences:

  • Go to the phone’s “Settings” and select “Apps.”
Apps settings
Apps settings
  • Now, in the top-right corner, tap the three vertical dots menu and select “Reset app preferences.” When you confirm the prompt, your app preferences will be reset.
Select "Reset app preferences"
Reset app preferences

Fix 6. Turn on Safe Mode on Samsung

Safe Mode is an Android feature that can assist you in diagnosing and troubleshooting various phone issues. If the flashlight isn’t working on your Samsung phone because of a third-party app that’s running in the background, restarting your phone in Safe Mode may help.

To enter Safe Mode on your Samsung phone, follow the steps below.

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen twice, and tap the power icon in the top right.
Power button on
Power button
  • To enter Safe Mode, long press the “Power off” icon.
Hold the Power off button
Hold the Power off button
  • Next, tap the green icon to enter Safe mode.
  • If your flashlight works properly, simply restart your phone to exit Safe Mode. Then, uninstall any recently installed apps from your phone and use the flashlight again.
Enter Safe mode on your Samsung phone by tapping on Safe mode
Tap on Safe mode

Fix 7. Install Software Updates

If the flashlight does not work even in Safe Mode, it could be due to a system bug. Updating your Samsung phone may help you fix the flashlight problem.

  •   To do so, go to the Settings app, and select “Software Update“.
Go to Software update
Software update
  • Next, tap on “Download and install“. Your mobile start checking up for new updates. If available, install it.
Tap on Download and install to check for updates
Download and install

Fix 8. Factory Reset the Phone

If nothing else works, you may have to take the difficult step of resetting your Samsung phone. When you reset your phone, all of your data and settings are erased. This will restart your phone and fix almost any software problems that are preventing your Android flashlight from working properly.

To avoid losing important data, backup your phone before resetting it. When that is done, proceed as follows:

  • Open the Settings app on your Samsung phone, and select “General Management.”
Select General management
General management
  • Next, tap “Reset” from the next page.
Tap Reset
  • Finally, select “Factory data reset” and then “Reset device.” The process of restarting your Android phone should take between 5 and 10 minutes
Factory data reset
Factory data reset

Final Words

That’s it! These are eight different ways to fix flashlight not working on Samsung Galaxy phones (Android 12). The above fixes should work if your Samsung phone’s flashlight is malfunctioning due to a software problem. Hardware-related problems, however, require a trip to the nearest service center.

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